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Mail Call!

So many people bragging these days about getting to Inbox: Zero, I decided to follow their example and pull up some Fleenmail, and you get to share in the results.

  • Getting to 500 strips is harder when you do ’em one week at a time, thus Bryant Paul Johnson’s Teaching Baby Paranoia took better than nine years to reach that mark. Let’s get all mailbaggy:

    The long-running strip, which debuted in January of 2000, is a mélange of historical fiction and pseudo-academic nonsense, drawn in a classically cartoony style, and annotated with footnotes of dubious accuracy.

    The 500th strip, titled “The Henderson Gospel” is both an artistic and structural departure from the norm.

    [said Johnson] “It was important to me to make this a special event. I’m planning on retiring the strip on its 10th anniversary.”

    That gives you just enough time to catch up on the archive prior to the wrap-up in the new year.

  • Man, I’d heard that Germans were into the weird stuff, but I didn’t expect this:

    The free cartoon and comic community toonsUp opens the Miss Alien 2009 at the Berlin c-base (Rungestrasse 20) on September 18 at 7:00 pm.

    The exhibition will show the works of over 50 comic artists who have participated in a fictional intergalactic Miss Election and will be open until September 24.

    An email to is required to gain free admission.

    So … yeah. If you’re the type that said, Hey, me too when Space Lilith said I always wanted to make love to an alien to Commander Riker, and you’re in Berlin, go check out the show.

  • From Samantha Wikan, a short piece on possible cultural reasons for the big eyes-small nose-peanut mouth style present in manga. The underlying assertion seems a little “sketchy” to me. Oh man, a few more of these and I’ll be flinging puns like the masters! (No, no I won’t. I’m very sorry)
  • Linell Harris wrote:

    Looking for some feedback

    That’s the entire text of the email folks — not even a full sentence. So, brevity? I can do that:

    After a full minute, only the yellow box at the top had loaded. The typeface is ugly and had some artifacts around the letters as if the flood-fill didn’t quite work. Didn’t see the rest of it.

Not quite down to zero, but gotta keep something in the slush file for slow days. Have a good weekend, y’all.

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