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Who’s Up For Some Miscellania?

If you said Me, me!, you’re in luck.

  • It’s about a year since the very sexy Rich Stevens finished up the first pass of giving away his archive instead of making you pay him for books. As he’s built up another 200 strips, the 11th volume of the Comprehensive ‘Sweeties PDF Giveaway Exstravaganza is now live, thanks to some mirrors from some familiar webcomics stalwarts. And, as usual:

    Feel free to download, share, Torrent and/or archive to your heart’s content. Everything’s under a non-commercial Creative Commons license. As the holder of copyright on this material, I grant you permission to freely distribute it non-commercially. Don’t sell DS and no one will ever sue you for uploading it. Please maintain attribution to R Stevens and link back to this site. [emphasis original]

  • Is there anybody in webcomicdom that’s more universally beloved than Ryan North? I sincerely hope not, because The Toronto Man-Mountain will likely crush them beneath his mighty tread, for yea he is a jealous titan. Okay, not really, but check out this totally sweet interview with the man (-mountain) himself over at CBR.
  • Garden State webcomickers, remember that Saturday is the third such of the month, and thusly the New Jersey Webcomics Chaos meetup will take place from 2:00 to 6:00 pm … the deets (as the kids say) are here, and this month’s all-new venue is easily accessible by rail.
  • Multimedia: everybody’s doing it these days, and to that group one may now add Adam York Gregory:

    I’ve started releasing the animated versions of my comic, The Flowfield Unity. You can see the first one here. They are micro-animations, all under 1 minute in length. I’m planning on releasing one every week, based on the existing strips and I’m taking requests too.

    Sometimes, all you need is a quick giggle. Check ’em out.

    PS: if you read the earlier piece where I lamented that Zach Weiner’s SMBC Theater didn’t have Ultimate Staring Contest online yet — it’s now online, as is a tribute to moustachery. It’s like living inside my brains, you guys.

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Speaking of which… Fans produced a series of 5 of my comics in video format. Releasing the next 5 fridays, starting last week.

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