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This Is Why God Invented RSS

As I have mentioned before, there are some webcomics that I read in big chunks rather than update-to-update (and some I probably should), because it makes it easier to follow big storylines. To that list of webcomics where I’ve felt compelled, we can now add one where I didn’t find it necessary, but where the creator believes it will lend itself to a better process and better stories: Octopie is going chunky:

[C]onstant deadlines, while good for productivity, also tend to limit the sort of stories and pictures I’d like to create. As a young artist, I realize there’s a long road of personal growth and improvement I’ve yet to travel. When my creative process becomes too comfortable, I believe it’s in my best interest to be challenged.

So, starting with the next storyline, Octopus Pie is going to start updating in larger, story-based chunks. Which means, depending on the length of the story, the comic will update every couple of weeks, or every month or so, with a brand new, multi-page chapter.

Given that some of Meredith Gran’s chapters aren’t merely multipage, but rather dozens-of-pages epics, I can’t wait to see what reading full chapters will be like (stray thought — I wonder if more chapter-oriented creation will suit her new book deal). I’ll miss my MWF routine, but like the title says, it’s easy to keep up on notifications these days. We at Fleen will observe this next phase of Gran’s career with great interest.

  • Speaking of change, John Allison dropped this bit of bloggination on us:

    I’m in the process of writing the last seven Scary Go Rounds […] It’s seven and a half years of my life, almost a quarter!

    Even though a few characters from old times will be carried over to the new comic in one form or another, I still feel like I did when I was leaving school.

    Any guesses which characters carry over to the (as yet unnamed) new comic? I’m hoping for Amy, Esther, Carrot, and Hugo.

  • This has been covered before, but I’ll mention it again since there’s always new creators in webcomics and new readers here; from Chris Bolton:

    Just wondering how we might go about getting SMASH included in your “A Good Start” blogroll.

    The blogroll is a creation of whimsy, caprice, and randomness, but the surest way to its heart is to do a webcomic so dang good that any one of we at Fleen find it on our regular trawl list. Or be something that somebody who used to be part of Fleen really liked and then they left and I’m too lazy to update it.

Thanks for the tip, Gary. I’ll try not to take it personally that we still haven’t made the blogroll.

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