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Ha! Remembered To Title It Today!

And since the title harkens back to yesterday’s bit of brainlessness, how about we do some followups today?

  • For starters, the Dallas Webcomics Expo is a bit less mysterious than it was, thanks to some timely info from Thomas Overbeck:

    [T]he Dallas Webcomics Expo, is a one-day convention event centering around the webcomics world. Our inaugural expo will take place on Saturday, November 14, 2009 at the Southfork Hotel in Plano, Texas. We plan to include around 30 artist tables, some spaces for merchants and vendors, some webcomic-themed panel discussions, and maybe even a contest or two. This event is scheduled to run from 11 am to 6 pm (hours subject to change).

    General admission for DWEX will be $5. Artist tables will be sold for $25 per half-table and $40 per full table. Merchant spaces will sell for $100 and includes two tables and a larger vending area.

    DWEX is the brainchild of Thomas Overbeck and Michael Moreno, two Dallas-area cartoonists who read about how fun and wildly successful the New England Webcomics Weekend was, and wished they could have been part of the action … so they decided to start one of their own. Rounding out the brains behind this operation is Jonathan Caustrita, another Metroplex-based webcomic artist who also has some marketing expertise (and some pretty good connections).

    So there’s that settled, then.

  • Speaking of NEWW, Commissioner James Gordon Hastings (veteran of multiple panels as that storied get-together) is doing rather better in his quest to be elected as Cutest Dog (once he’s achieved those lofty heights, he will have to perfect vantage point from which to observe crime so he may crush it).

    Rumor has it that some lady from The Hills has entered her dog in the contest, but unless America wants its crime-busting done by a refugee from an MTV “reality” program, I suggest we all stay on the case and make sure that Gordon achieves that which is rightfully his (besides, what’s a better use for the prize money — to allow Gordon’s loving caretakers to pay for their wedding, or to get blown on bottle service and man-whores in the VIP section of a club that specializes in celebutante sightings?).

  • Speaking of Gordon, maybe the next time he gets groomed, he can spare some of his lush, silky hair for use by the less fortuante. A shaving mishap has tragically left Kris Straub (of Starslip and Chainsawsuit fame) goateeless. Fans are encouraged to carry that last photo around with them until Straub’s visage is once again familiar to his adoring multitudes.
  • Finally, not a followup, but a bit of news missed by me last week (bad hack webcomics pseduojournalist!): Connecticon’s charity auction to benefit Child’s Play took place again this year, via an ongoing prank war which one may observe from a safe distance. Thanks to Brian Wilson (not that one) for the info.

… I can’t tell if the image is an accident or is an act of deliberate and gleeful self-mockery. Either way it’s hilarious. :)

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