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(Oh Man, I Forgot A Title? Seriously? This Heat Is Messing With My Head)

So many things have happened since I spoke with you last. Let’s hit the highlights, shall we?

The Hugo Awards got awarded last night in Montreal, and two of webcomicdom’s finest were up for (I believe the first ever) award for Best Graphic Story: Phil and Kaja Foglio for Girl Genius (specifically book 8: Agatha Heterodyne and the Chapel of Bones, starting online here), and Howard Tayler for Schlock Mercenary (specifically, The Body Politic story arc, starting online here). The Foglios won, and Fleen congratulates them; unfortunately that means Tayler lost, and we at Fleen extend our sympathies along with the comfort that at least he lost to some wonderful people with terrific work.

  • New England Webcomics Weekend (definitely returning to *hampton, MA in 2010) appears to have spawned a movement: the Dallas area will be home to a webcomickers gathering on Saturday, 14 November. The Dallas Webcomics Expo has a site up, but I’m not sure who’s organizing; a request for information has been sent, and all will be shared at the soonest of times.
  • Have you seen this? Wonderella bobblehead on pre-order! The only thing this needs is a voice chip that says Rim me, Sasquatch and you have the perfect desktop accessory or stocking stuffer for children of all ages!1
  • Finally, Commissioner James Gordon needs your help. See, if he’s found to be the cutest dog (and look how cute he is!) in I dunno, America or the internet or whatever, his parents (Chris Hastings and Carly Monardo) will be able to defray the costs of their wedding by a considerable amount … and, I’m told, throw a hell of a party for all of you. So vote already, so he can get back to the important work of fighting crimes.

    PS: for those wondering my own dog is not in the contest, it’s because large dogs never win these things, even though Grace is the cutest dog in the world. Yes she is! Yes she is!.

1 Do not actually give this to a child; you will scar them for life.

[…] Phil and Kaja Foglio for winning sci-fi’s Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story! Gary Tyrrell of Fleen reports: The Hugo Awards got awarded last night in Montreal, and two of webcomicdom’s finest were […]

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