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Remember What I Said About The Future? Forget It … The Future Sucks

Okay, not really, but there’s a data semi-outage that hit San Diego yesterday, and a subset of customers of my carrier were affected, leaving me with no 3G while Andy Bell (standing right next to me with the identical phone on the same carrier) had a smokin’ hot signal. Bastard.

If not for the fact that he (pictured right, above) and Chris Yates (pictured left, above) both had astounding news (Bell will be partnering with ______ to produce a figure of their iconic _______; Yates is ready to work with a major _________ of _______ to _______ his ________ … we’ll be able to start filling in those blanks in a month or so), I might have gone on a murder spree. A’course, for a proper murder spree, you need a murderdog, and the only one I know is 3000 miles away and only a year old, so that plan’s out the window. Oh, and happy first anniversary to The System.

The Dr McNinja book launch party (no pics from me due to no flash on the phone camera and too many good drinks) was a great success, with webcomics fans taking over the upper floor of Rock Bottom Brewery and the drinks menu. Modest reports from creator Chris Hastings that the book “seems to be doing well” at the show; reports from others are that it’s tearing up the 1200 aisle. The other great successes appear to be Bell’s Oh No Sushi figure (completely sold out; I appear to have gotten the second-to-last-one) and the Penny Arcade Cardboard Tube Samurai figures, both of which need to be seen to be believed.

Also, Brian Sunter (to whom I introduced you yesterday) appears to have survived Preview Night (which all agree was busier than last year, leading to some trepidation that Saturday afternoon may kill the weaker vendors right in their booths) and is eager to see what a full day of crowd brings. All the pictures I’ve taken of him since Tuesday night depict him as a blur of motion, so it appears he may be one of the strong ones. Good luck, Brian!

Up today: the Dumbrella (1:30, room 3) and Indy Survival Tips (5:00, room 10) panels; I’ll bring you as complete a report on both as I can. Pending an alignment of schedules, I’ll be sitting down with Jeff Rowland and Holly Post of Topatoco to suss out their plans for eventual mediasphere domination. Now it’s time to make my way through an uncharacteristically overcast (approaching foggy!) San Diego and past the shantytown of those camping out since yesterday for the Twilight panels (which I hope to God are today and not later on in the week, for their sakes … then again, I also hope that somebody has a stack of these to plaster all over those waiting in line).

Stacks of the Webcomics Section, waiting to be snapped up by the eager hordes. Said eager hordes slightly absent just before the hall opened, but more than willing to innundate the webcomics neighborhood in the 1200/1300/1400 aisles.

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