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Actually, not really — I took this whole week off work, so I got all packed up yesterday, and am now just marking time until I head to the airport. Got a pocket fulla pens and some fresh Moleskines, just ordered up the new Little Dee book, and what’s this? Stirrings from my occasionally mortal enemies at Digital Strips?

Digital Strips has just launched a new webcomic where we will be playing around in various webcomics universes like a child tools around in a sandbox.

Short, to the point, and it included a link — this is how to get my attention on a busy day. Three strips up so far, in a series that appears to promise both non-stop crossovers and the possibility of my personal nemesis, the Midnight Cartooner, being threatened or injured for your amusement. Win-win, peoples.

Okay, headin’ for the door. I’ll be in Ralph’s ere I sleep. Wonder if I can write a check for 69 cents?

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