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Last Minute Con Rush

Be warned, tomorrow’s post will likely be written tonight and thus not all that timely, what with flights and everything.

But today, I want to share something that those of you heading to San Diego Comic-Con will be able to pick up: following on the heels of newsprint comics sections from the likes of Box Brown and DC Comics, a good portion of webcomics (looks to be around twenty of your favorites, including some from creators who won’t even be there — that’s how much they love you!) are getting together to produce a sampler. Four pages long, full color, actual newspaper just like you remember and absolutely free to you.

Jorge Cham (official Smart Guy, who managed to show me up by sticking with his doctoral program) wrangled the artists, put it together, oversaw the printing, and will be delivering it ’round to the various booths in Webcomics Alley; you’ll be able to get your copy starting Wednesday night for as long as they last. If you should see Cham (he’ll be exhibiting with the Unshelved guys at booth 2300, which is ironically not in the webcomics area, but is near the main entrance), be sure to thank him.

Somebody grab me a copy of this? I’m not going to SDCC this year but would love to get one.

Great idea by Jorge

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