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Crap, You Mean Today Isn’t Saturday?

Dang, don’t know where my brain is. Well, here’s some stuff for y’all:

  • Sooner than expected, Little Dee book #3 has hit the store shelves; get ’em while they’re hot. Grab one of the sweet posters, too (I think I need the one of Shibuya crossing).
  • Reports from last night’s Super Art Fight! are sketchy — survivors continue to trickle into aid stations, but no clear picture of the devastation‘s full scope has yet emerged.
  • Told you earlier this week about the webcomics show at the Cartoon Art Museum (as curated by Andrew Farago); those of you in Tokyo will be able to get your own taste of Farago’s curatorial skills, as the CAM collaborated with Studio (freakin’) Ghibli to mount an exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo on the works of famed illustrator Mary Blair:

    The Colors of Mary Blair is on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo from July 18 through October 4, 2009.

    Cartoon Art Museum Curator Andrew Farago and his wife, cartoonist and editor Shaenon K. Garrity, assisted Studio Ghibli with the assembly of this exhibition. The pair co-curated the Cartoon Art Museum’s 2007-08 exhibition of Blair’s work, The Art and Flair of Mary Blair, and were recruited by Studio Ghibli to act as liaisons between their curatorial team and the Mary Blair Estate.

    The travel to Japan to set up the show was chronicled by Shaenon Garrity in a threepart series at Comixology. Try not to hate Andrew & Shaenon for getting to hang around with Hayao Miyazaki (I know, the envy is overwhelming, but try anyway).

  • Brigid Alverson talks to Gina Biggs on independent publishing & webcomickry. Please enjoy.

Okay, back to getting things ready for San Diego. Please forgive any erratic posting schedule that might crop up next week, and keep an eye on my Twitter; if you’re going to be there, I’ll most likely be found in a 30 meter radius of booth 1337.

Super Art Fight results are here:

(reports have been sporadic due to most of those involved having either Otakon, SDCC, or Artscape to prep for).

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