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Maaaaan, There’s All My Plans Upset

See, today was going to be easy. The last twelve hours brought the announcement of two webcomics book-launch parties, which combined with reminders one already in the news would give me a post that writes itself. Quick compare and contrast (slightly grimy basement bar with vengeful barmaids vs. Preview Night party at San Diego Comic Con complete with DJ vs. the beautifulest of the Hollywood beautiful people sipping effortlessly elegant drinks by a fire), throw in an offhand title about how there ain’t no party like a webcomics book-launch party (why yes, I am the whitest guy on the planet, thanks for asking), boom, finished.

Add a quick addendum about how (speaking of San Diego Comic Con) Alice Bentley is again compiling a list of webcomickers in attendance (and since nobody’s mailing me their info to run, Alice is once again our best resource … please drop a comment in her LJ) and we can all get on with our day.

Then John Allison had to go and get all newsworthy:

This is a brief announcement to say that Scary Go Round will be ending in September. The eighth collection will be the last. Goodbye is the final story. I’m sure a lot of you had worked this out already.

Well, shit.

If your claw-like fingers are rending your clothes to rags as we speak, I would ask you to be calm. I have a new project in mind and, like the transition from Bobbins to Scary Go Round back in 2002, it won’t all be new, all different. I could probably have got away with making the change with no fanfare at all and kept the name the same.

Oh, well that’s all right then.

I don’t want to talk about my new project yet as it would spoil the current story, but you can rest assured that there will be plenty that you recognise about it. I’m not sure about the exact end date of Scary Go Round, and there may be something transitional in between, but expect no interruption in service.

I take great pleasure from entertaining and surprising people, writing and drawing are a continual source of joy to me and I will endeavour to do both for as long as I am able.

I actually left a bit out from what Allison wrote, about the economics of webcomics and how the landscape has changed for even one of the long-respected exemplars of the genre. All those who take interest in this medium and its vagaries will find it required reading.

Suddenly my utterly complicated business plan of “I’m not going to bother having a business plan or even bother trying to make a living off this thing” seems a lot more like a solid business plan.

Or something like that.

But what about The Boy!

But what about The Boy?!

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