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Long Weekend Done, Still Kind Of Sluggish

Know what’ll perk you up today? NUNFIGHT! Okay, very little to do with webcomics (aside from the fact that this little gem ran on The Sound Of Young America, which is very webcomicfriendly, and that it’s crying out for webcomickers to draw their impressions of the battlin’ nuns — that’s right, I’m calling for a meme to get started here), but dang is it funny.

Okay, webcomics:

  • Ima come right out and say it: one of the highlights of my day is Skin Horse, because what can possibly be wrong about a webcomic that deals primarily with paranormal-managing government bureaucrats who subtly recall the less-well-known Oz books and gets regularly cranked up to about 14 on the Insane-o-Meter? Unstoppable zombies, talking dogs, killer robots, crystalline entities, baby cobras that only want hugs, opera-loving silverfish, a likely-undiagnosed-Asperger’s brain transplanted into a military airframe, and a transvestite psychologist who bags all the babes?

    And it’s drawn by Shaenon Garrity, the one person able to compete with Ryan North for the title of Nexus of All Webcomics Realities? The first year’s worth of strips are collected into a book which is now set for pre-order and it is worth your time and money so much that it hurts.

  • Everybody saw that the latest round of Xeric Grant awardees got announced last week, right? It’s not always the case that the Xeric winners have been sharing their work online (either before or after the grant), but in this crop it appears that Adam Bourret and Joshua Smeaton have made their work available for your perusal. Please enjoy Bourret’s I’m Crazy and Smeaton’s Haunted.
  • Do you know any DJs in San Diego? Tweet @topatoco if you like to work parties.

Don’t forget Tim Godek! He was also awarded a Xeric grant for “!”, his 35-foot long continuous scroll, giant monster/love story, which was published online in its entirety. He’s completely redrawn it for the print edition, which is kind of amazing in itself, but the original was very much a webcomic, like many of his earlier pieces.

[…] missed this awesome Skin Horse writeup on Fleen last week because I’ve been so busy putting the book together. Thanks, Gary! […]

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