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Clearing The Mailbag

Look, just nobody do anything important & time-sensitive today, okay? Okay.

  • Report on the first meeting of the extension chapter of the North Carolina WebComics Coffee Clatch, via TS Holden in Boone, NC:

    It went well, we had a thin crowd (to be expected) but ended up moving from the coffee shop to Mellow Mushroom, where there was pizza and beer. We talked for a good four hours about all kinds of subjects, from the very practical to the extremely obscure.

    Evan [Dahm] and I will be sure to figure out the next meeting further in advance so that we can get the word out better. We’re also considering having the next meeting in a more centralized town (for Western NC) such as Asheville or Hickory.

  • Joseph Hewitt is putting together a book for the sake of family togetherness:

    It’s been a long eleven months since the birth of my son, Sean. With the help of many great guest artists I’ve managed to keep Ataraxia Theatre going (mostly).

    I’ve just released a print collection of Voles of the Dusk. This is my first wide release print venture in well over ten years. The book contains three stories — Voles of the Dusk, Scum Hive, and The Vole that Dare Not Speak its Name. It’s 84 pages long, color cover, black and white inside. All proceeds from the book are going to my family to help them afford a trip to Korea to see Sean.

  • Anthrocon kicks off this weekend (hi, Ursula!), so allow me to point you towards what may be the most stylishly designed furry webcomic/grpahic novel — Five Glasses of Absinthe. “Egypt Urnash” (that’s what the email return address says; it’s written by Nick Brienza and drawn by Spümcø escapee Margaret Trauth) promises:

    Five Glasses of Absinthe is an adult fantasy inspired by French New Wave films, 70s prog-rock album covers, and the simple joy of drawing lots of smart, sexy people in really happening boots.

    Be aware that some of the smart, sexy people will have animal ears and tails (and/or engage in sex, presumably of the smart variety). Not really into the whole “animal people get it on” genre, but the visual style is striking; give it a once-over if you’re not at work.

Okay, that’s gonna do it for now; gotta get busy with the whole “taking off early the day before a holiday” thing that is the god-given right — nay, the holy obligation — of all Americans who toil for The Man. There may be beer in the immediate future, beer and cupcakes.

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