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So Much Going On

Seriously, I’ve got email and story tips backing up because there’s timely stuff happening today. Where to start?

  • Maybe with the relaunch of and Brad Guigar‘s promotion to Editor-in-Chief? I’ve been doing this gig for like three and a half years now and I’m still just “Editor” … if Brad gets a promotion, I think I deserve one too. Suggestions for a new editorial title welcome — something that conveys a bit of gravitas, like “Benevolent and Terrifying Philosopher-God-King-Editor”.
  • Then we’ve got the latest from Brian Carroll, who updates the Natalie, Queen of the Scots fundraising page to let us know that the lawyers have done their lawyering and cash intake is once again cleared for launch. In addition to everybody else that’s come together to help Carroll, he’s got a very special assist from webcomics own wandering monk/utility pinch-hitter:

    Hey Gary-
    Reporting from on scene at Lobsterback down here in Florida, where I’ll be helping Brian Carroll make Natalie, Queen of Scots. It’s time to move my filmmaking career to the next level. Sure, I’ve been a Bollywood voiceover artist and a B-movie zombie extra, but I really wanna do is be a grip!

    We at Fleen believe by the time he moves onto his next far-flung destination, Estrada will have gripped everything on the film set that possibly could be gripped, and may also in fact have gaffed.

  • Got a detail wrong on Monday — the Lookouts story continuation by Oliver Grigsby and Becky Dreistadt is not running Wednesdays at Penny Arcade. It’s running today, Friday, Monday, and next Wednesday, and to make it up to you for the mistake, please enjoy some of Dreistadt’s concept art. She’s made me tear up a little with what that vile basilisk did to that littlest Lookout, but man — she sure does draw monsters purty.
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