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Considerable News Today

I was sitting on the news until the anticipated Wednesday launch, but since it’s been announced over at Penny Arcade, I get to share. Your eyes are not deceiving you — that image up there tells you that Becky Dreistadt will be drawing an ongoing Lookouts story (written by the impressively-resuméd Oliver Grigsby) for your consumption starting the day after tomorrow. Now be kind and don’t completely wang the TKT server, hey? Space out your clicking over and revelling in the lush, painted-on-paper-and-every-damn-thing art in an orderly fashion, please.

Wasn’t sitting on the second big item, but man — sometimes the news cycle moves fast. Long story short — Brian Carroll of Instant Classic remains at heart a filmmaker, and faced with a sudden funding crunch for his indy feature, Natalie, Queen of Scots, he turned to the internet for help in raising the money to move forward with production. That was Saturday.

‘Bout twenty four hours later, nearly $20,000 had been raised. Three hours later, the ugly spectre of US securities law made itself known, and it became necessary to take down the fundraising appeal to consult with counsel. At this time, all indications are that N,QoS remains a priority for Carroll & Company, and all away the latest information with bated breath.

By the time you read this, Carroll may know what the proverbial deal is, and he will doubtless share with us at the first opportunity (which can probably be found at the Twitter hashtag #findaway.

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