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Soooo … Scary Go Round has a storyline that’s been running for a few weeks (and will for some weeks more), with a suspiciously pale and noseless character who favors epaulets. Also, one glove. It’s a mighty peculiar corincidence that John Allison would choose this of all possible times to include what may or may not be Michael Jackson in his work, just as it was pretty unlikely for one of David Morgan-Mar‘s Steve Irwin strips (wherein Steve narrowly survives a croc attack) to run the same day that the real Irwin died.

It’s just a coincidence, but if anything happens to Bill Cosby after today’s previously-announced Draw Cosby For Science! event, I’m going to be officially creeped out. Also, we wouldn’t want to make Ray even more miserable than he already is, so stay safe, Bill.

[…] since we’re all talking about Michael Jackson anyway, I feel obligated to point you to Heidi MacDonald’s news […]

I hope this doesn’t turn Allison off the storyline. I would also hope people take the story with a grain of salt, knowing that Allison is only poking as much fun at Jackson as other people did when he was alive.

[…] “As much as some of the comics of the next few weeks may seem a kind of unpleasant cash-in, I drew them weeks ago,” he said. “I had written and thumbnailed my comics up to July 22nd when the King of Pop turned his toes up.” (Via) […]

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