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Various Stuff Today, Working Angles For Tomorrow

See, tomorrow is when the first of the Random House/modern-era Goats books releases, I aim to write about it, but I’m treading the line of being too close to the material to provide a useful writeup. So. Working angles. In the meantime, let me point you to some other items of note.

  • Regular readers of this page will recall that I dig me some Templar, AZ, and possibly that I like to read it in great big months-long chunks at a time. But when Spike does short self-contained stories set in the Templar world, that’s just gravy, ’cause I ain’t got to wait whole season to see how it all plays out. Couple months back, we got the story of Reagan’s first communion (and a talk with her really annoying future self), but only after people ponied up to read it. Them’s the rules, kids — this is bonus material, and much like public radio, somebody’s got to pledge before everybody gets to read it. Awaiting your support now — the male cast talks chicks in a place where lies aren’t allowed; it’s about halfway to the donation goal … pony up a few bucks so I can read it, dammit.
  • Along the same lines, Vincent LaBate & Braden Lamb have an 8-page Kitty Hawk mini that they’ve been selling at cons, but is available in electronic form as a donation thank-you. They were kind enough to toss a copy my way and oooh, is it pretty. Got three bucks? It’s a nice chunky PDF with a lot of gorgeous art.
  • It’s a good nine months since we pointed y’all at One Swoop Fell, and creator Mike Dutton has found the strip’s traffic to justify a move to twice a week (Tue/Fri) from once (Wed). Considering that each update is full-page, full-color, that’s a lot of work that Dutton’s throwing out into the aether, and you should at least go take a look by way of saying thanks. He’ll also have a short story in next month’s Flight 6, which is pretty awesome in and of itself. Add to this the ongoing work towards a One Swoop Fell book, and Mr Dutton’s fairly burying us in quality comics work.
  • Finally, a story of a big break. There’s little in the way of webcomics that I love as much as Ursula Vernon’s Digger, and I cannot wait for the next collection to come out. But today, Ms Vernon is recognized for some of her fine art work, viz., the Biting Pear of Salamanca (sometimes erroneously identified as the “LOL WUT” pear) has gone Marvel. With any luck, vinyl toys and/or plushes will be out by San Diego.

Note for those that read too much between the lines: There will not be Biting Pear vinyl toys or plushes out by San Diego, or likely ever. If there were, I’d damn well buy one but in all likelihood? Not happening.

*laugh* Actually, I’m trying to figure out how the “” site works, in hopes we may someday get vinyl pears, but it’s slow going…

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