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The Full Snidely

I’m sure that nearly everybody has seen this by now, but the well-regarded and totally free biennial event known as TCAF has decided it can no longer run every other year. So instead, they’re going annual. Festival director Christopher Butcher gives us the lowdown:

That’s right, the next Toronto Comic Arts Festival will be held Saturday May 8th and Sunday May 9th, 2010, at Toronto Reference Library. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST. And yes, we know that’s Mother’s Day… All of the cool moms read comics.

What, so soon, you ask? Following up on feedback from our partners, our guests, our staff, and attendees, we’ve decided to build on the incredible momentum of having a new home and incredibly supportive presenting sponsor in Toronto Public Library, and produce our first annual show. This is something of an experiment for us, and I can’t say for sure that we’re “going annual” with the event, but we feel that a 2010 event is the best course of action to ensure that TCAF stays a fun, vital, and prominent festival both within the city of Toronto and in the larger comics community. That’s around the corner so we’ll be running a tight ship, and further details about TCAF 2010 (including exhibitor application & information) will be released later this summer. [emphasis original]

I know that the urge to get in on a good thing is probably overwhelming, but Butcher’s said that details about exhibitor registration, guests, and suchlike won’t be released until August, so please be patient. With PAX coming east, TCAF running early, and NEWW coming back to Eastworks, it’s going to be a very busy spring.

  • So apparently a lot of people didn’t get today’s XKCD; via my buddy Brett, Crooked Timber points to what might be called The XKCD Effect — webcomic posts with geekily obscure (but very funny) punchline, and Google Trends lights up. Does this qualify as an “effect”? Mayhap a “syndrome”? Regardless, it’s clear that Randall Munroe wields an influence over the secret masters of the internet that you and I might only dream of. If he ever decides to get into product placement, look for a sudden spiking in wealth in the Munroe Park vicinity.
  • Beards. Holy mother of God and all her wacky nephews, the beards.
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