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You may recall that we at Fleen recently pointed you to AP. Furtado’s newest webcomic, Major Tom. It wasn’t possible to give you a set schedule, since Furtado updates it on a “full chapter when it’s done” basis, but we can tell you that chapter two just hit the webs. If chapter one was about setting and atmosphere, chapter two is all about laying out the plot for the upcoming story. Aside from a touch of black holes don’t work that way! I’m really digging this one.

  • From the mailbag, Kory Bingaman would like you to know that her webcomic, Skin Deep (a story about mythical creatures living hidden from humanity), is now going to press over at IndyPlanet. Skin Deep: Orientations collects the first story arc (which ran from November 2006 to last August) and has a real Castle Waiting meets Nothing Better vibe to it.

    By the bye, IndyPlanet runs merch from such respected creators as Jerzy Drozd — not really related to anything, I just like typing “Jerzy Drozd”.

  • Speaking of [K|C]orries, Corey Pandolph continues his march towards the title of Most Prolific Cartoonist Not Named Tezuka by launching a fourth comic. Most people would get all the good ideas out of their skulls with just one strip the likes of Barkeater Lake, but Pandolph is not most people. Thus, Greene With Envy, about that weirdest of all suburban creatures, the childless-by-choice couple.

    Speaking as half of such a couple, never knowing the joys of small creatures urping up their breakfast all over us or screaming for half the night, allow me to explain to our parental friends that while Pandolph may portray the no-kid lifestyle as relaxing, glamorous, and awesome, in reality it is much, much better than that. Take a glimpse of what awaits you in 18 to 25 years and start dreaming of the quiet (in those random moments of sleep that the replicant permits you).

  • Speaking of kids, I’m reliably told that they have some good features, such as you can share your geekly tendencies with them and they might not rebel by growing up to be accountants and Republicans. If you find yourself in such a position, may I recommend the latest GeekDad column at Wired, which features an interview with Dr McNinja creator Chris Hastings? Why yes, I believe I may.

Last weekend, I showed the boy how to mow the lawn, and he still thinks that it’s a treat, so I’m at a momentary point of thinking that kids have good attributes. He turns 13 in a few months. We’ll see what happens then.

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