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I’ll Take An 8 x 10 Glossy Of Me With The Gassner

Received: Peloton. Lots of status-quo up-shaking in this stack of Scary Go Round stories, as major players are taken off-stage (Shelley) or changed in fundamental ways (Amy, Ryan, Le Garçon); chaos and silliness ensue, complete with a little Allisonian love for my place of residence. Also, since I pre-ordered, there was a minicomic detailing the ultimate fate of Erin Winters (who was sucked into hell and forgotten by friends & family) … this being SGR and she being a Winters, it turns out pretty acceptably for her.

Two words for you: Beard photos. There is a booth that makes photos of you with a beard. This wonder of modern alchemical science may be found in the vicinity of one Mr David Malki !, Esq., proprietor of the Wonder-Mark etheric humors, and patron of a grand entertainment in honor of said japery to-morrow night in the Beverly Hills of California.

Revelation of the day: Johnny Wander. Why did I not know about this comic before today’s guest strippage and link from Jeph Jacques? I mean Ananth Panagariya is mentioned in these pages enough and I’ve casually followed Yuko Ota’s earlier work even, and it’s terrific enough that I had to do a freakin’ archive crawl today. I do not have time for another webcomic in my day, so please stop giving us stuff as majestic as the ant shower, ‘kay? Thank you.

Glad to see JW is finally on your radar! I’m a huge fan myself, and have been able to hang out with Ananth and Yuko at a few Super Art Fight matches ( They are quite the powerhouse of awesome.

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