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We’re approaching the middle of June in the Greater Manhattan Metrosphere, and the only word I can use to describe today is dank. It’s grey, drizzly, chilly, and other thinks that end in -y, and absolutely the weather that I would normally associate with late March. Bleh.

But at least it’s not Too Damn Hot, which is a recurring theme in the discussion of the just-concluded MoCCA ’09 which we will now mention for (promise!) the last time. Short form: yes, the fact that it was sauna-ish matters, and the museum really needs to think about that for the future — between the physical atmosphere and the costs of the show, you have challenges to the festival’s long-term viability. Next year could be make-or-break for them.

  • This is just the season for webcomics books, isn’t it? Krishna Sadasivam has finished layout for the first PC Weenies trade, as well as having a proof copy of the PCW/Uncubed sampler comic. Note to self: buy an extra-large bookshelf.
  • Tintin Chris Yates appears to be somewhat lukewarm towards Jon Rosenberg‘s Random House debut book. Working on the review of that particular opus, as well as several other books.
  • Last chance to vote for the Eisners! Polls close on Monday, and webcomics creators are eligible to cast ballots. Also, I can’t help but notice this notice:

    You also have the opportunity to write in votes if something you wish to vote for wasn’t nominated.

    If a webcomic creator were to perhaps decide that the Best Digital Comic category was not particularly representative of our medium’s brightest stars, well, there’s your place to make your opinion count.

  • If you missed the exchange on Twitter earlier in the week, I left a freshly-purchased copy The Eternal Smile on Box Brown‘s table on Sunday, and by last night it was already back in my hands. People, that is what we call customer service, and I wasn’t even a customer. Just sayin’, if you were to order something from Box, you’d probably get it really fast.

I feel like this one reads like an old-style newspaper gossip column, especially: “Chris Yates appears to be somewhat lukewarm towards Jon Rosenberg’s Random House debut book.” It’s weird but I think the links make it moreso.

Concerning the Digital Comic, Best of from the Eisner’s: One thing I did not know before this year as that the term “long form” for consideration actually means the long form comic page format. Strips are NOT ELIGABLE!

So, where is the encouragement for the 1000s of digital, self-distribution who slave away at our “strip” format? Do we have to succumb to the long format? Is that why Lars and Sohmer have the cute and lovely “Least I Could Do ‘BEGINNINGS'”? If so, then they should get next year’s. Reminds me of old Sunday versions of Calvin and Hobbes.

Because they can.
– Jimbo

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