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MoCCA Countdown

With the tax permit thing behind us, anticipation for the MoCCA Art Fest is beginning to take on serious momentum. Although we don’t have a floor map of exhibitors (and to be fair, not every convention does that), we do have a list of webcomickers who now know their table assignments and have shared them with us below the cut. We will update the list as we hear from more creators.

Update to add: new info!
Speaking of MoCCA, Neil Swaab will be premiering his new Rehabilitating Mr Wiggles book (that would be #3) at the show; after the weekend, it will be available via Amazon and some comics stores in New York and California, starting on 1 July. If you want it before then, your only real option is to buy directly from Swaab’s store or come see him in person this weekend.

Finally, don’t forget to Drink and Draw Like a Lady, if you are a) a lady, who likes to b) drink and c) draw. Dudes, you will have to find a way to contain their disappointment at not being ladies once again.

MoCCA ’09 Table Assignments — these are all self-reported by the exhibitors, based on what the organizers have told them. I imagine the info is pretty solid at this point, but naturally there may last-minute adjustments. Check the guide they give you at the door, and wander ’til you find your favorites.

I realize that’s table 401 listed twice. I just reports ’em, folks.

working on the table thing.

I’m at table 221. Spitting distance from the freight elevator. So, that’s alright.

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The Timony Twins, authors of “The Night Owls” and “Minion Maze” will be at table #332.

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