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All Malki !, All The Time?

When not busy crushing dreams, David Malki ! apparently busies himself by totally dominating webcomics news for random weekends, such as the one just past.

In a rare piece of non-Malki ! related happenings over the weekend, Ryan North (who, okay, partnered with Malki ! in that last exchange) has now covered all your grappling needs. Seriously, this is like the untold story of when Indiana Jones met MacGyver and their secret love child is an enormous Canadian.

Okay, really non-Malki ! related, I have one word for you. One. Word. It will bring a smile to your face, or you are dead and soulless inside. And that word is: Spacemonauts. Wednesday cannot come soon enough.

I sure can’t wait for wednesday, too. This cover is just ingenious.
Also I’m very happy that I found your blog, it’s been a resource of lots of happy hours reading new webcomics. Keep up the good work.

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