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Weekend, New Pixar Flick, What’s Not To Like?

Shall we talk milestones? Yes, I believe that we shall.

  • Twisted Musings, Australia’s finest in single-panel-gag webstrippery, has just hit 300 updates and two years without blowing deadline even once. Woo! Similarly, Business Casual just passed six years of funny-bringing. Congrats to creators Jason Frazer and Joe Combs.
  • Of course, some people aren’t satisfied with just one creative endeavour. Case in point: AP. Furtado has variously produced ‘TWEEN and Elf ‘n’ Troll, both of which simply ooze a Vaughn Bodé aesthetic (complete runs of which are now available in non-electronic form).

    But now Furtado’s got a new webcomic, with a very different feel: Major Tom eschews the wizardy/fantasy feel of the earlier works and goes straight into space with a nod to Jodorowsky, Moebius, and all those cool Métal Hurlant stories that somehow seemed less classy when translated to Heavy Metal.

    Right now, chapter one is up and chapter two is pending, with an update schedule of “whole chapters go up at once”. That means it’ll be timed irregularly, but you’ll get a nice big chunk of story all at once — fair tradeoff if you ask me.

I can’t wait to see Pete Doctor’s new Opus. Should be a blast. Heck, I’m already a fan of Dug the Dog just from the trailer!


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