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Please Knock It Off With The Car Accidents

First Krishna Sadasivam, then Onezumi & Harknell — one more webcomicker in a motor vehicle accident, and it’ll officially be a meme with its own Livejournal page. Remember kids — always buckle up and assume that everybody else on the road is a suicidal idiot without the least idea how to operate a vehicle and thus best given a wide berth.

Happier thoughts: Johanna Draper Carlson has a copy of Erika Moen‘s new book, and has reviewed it up better than I ever could. Also, I am a lazy, lazy man who hasn’t gotten around to ordering a copy of DAR volume one yet despite my clear instructions that you do so. Lame excuse: I prefer buying things directly from artists when I can; it’s much more enjoyable that interacting with Mr PayPal … but really I just keep forgetting, and will likely forget again until I actually see Moen and stacks of the book in front of me. Unfortunately, she and I will likely not be in the same place at the same time before SPX. On the plus side, this means that I will probably have forgotten the much better reviews of DAR by then, and can write about it myself in good conscience.

One of the nicer side-effects of banging out this vaguely informative prose each day is that I get exposed to a lot of new webcomics. A lot a lot, and while many don’t grab me (or fold between me getting the email and slotting them into the posting schedule), some grow and thrive and hit milestones of success. There’s an almost indefineable quality to some of these webcomics, where you can almost see the satisfaction that their creators derive from doing them. So let me point you towards one of those today, which hit a milestone recently:

Ravilob, the little town that awesome built, turned a year old recently. In that time, it’s grown from a four panel black and white humor comic to a full page in color; it’s not the most polished art or most complex story you’re going to see, but both are developing nicely and creator Casey Williams is clearly pushing himself to improve his first attempt at an ongoing comic. And there ain’t a damn thing wrong with that.

Hey Gary, I got mugged at knifepoint last week, does that count?

ps: my captcha reads “about scabies”. Now I gotta go scratch.

Its a rash of driveby insanity!!!!

It’s driveby insanity!!!

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