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Good News, Bad News Kinda Day

Good news first.

  • You people can still surprise me. Case in point, the following email received on Tuesday evening from Joshua Jericho:

    I wanted to offer my first double-stack comic for the top image for Wed’s post if you’re interested. I realize it’s last minute and I don’t really have any ‘news’ to go with it — but I think it’s a great comic myself (and I’m only 112% biased). So, if you have nothing else immediate please consider me! Either way, thanks for considering and keep up the great work!!

    Joshua, that’s the most blatant self-promotion I can recall in a long time, and such moxie must be rewarded — your image would have appeared yesterday, but for breaking news of great import (c’mon, Wigu), but I trust a day late is still good enough. For any other self-promoting creators who might try the same, sorry … Joshua got there first, and that’s the only time we’re going to honor this particular request.

  • Scary Go Round book 7, Peloton, is up for pre-order. The first 400 orders will receive a special mini-comic of the adventures of the now-erased-from-existence Erin Winters.
  • Speaking of books, here’s one that is (for the moment) theoretical, but worth your investigation. Phil and Kaja Foglio have, for going on two years now, been running the early-to-mid-90s Buck Godot story, Gallimaufry. It’s now approaching the end, which means we should see it collected in a nice, fat trade edition soon. Given the sheer insane goodness of the Buck Godot tales, you should definitely be reading if you haven’t been (it’s never too late to start), and should begin saving for the book. It’s only fair.
  • The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art are starting to send around information about this year’s Fest to we pixel-stained wretches, so perhaps my pique-ishness over them not replying to enquires was premature. Good to see that things are on the ball, and forward to the show.

Okay, the bad.

[…] Tyrrell nails it at Fleen: Overzealous prosecutor + some of the links over there to the right [webcomics] = you in […]

You got it right, Fleen. Just the link is enough if you click on it. You don’t have to download anything. Just “access” it. And the next poor sod won’t be done for possession, because the DoJ already knows that the possession provision (which Handley’s judge declared unconstitutional in 2008 and under which Handley is pleading guilty in 2009 – wtf ) won’t fly. The next victim will go down for receipt, which is punishable the same as real child porn. Handley would have gotten 8 years minimum jail time. That’s why he’s pleading guilty. Possession has no minimum.

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