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It’s All Books And Fests Today

TCAF doesn’t have a monopoly on the “CAF” suffix when it comes to comics shows. For instance, this past weekend was MeCAF, the Maine Comics Art Festival, which is in Portland (the one in Maine, not the one in Oregon, which has its own very nice comics festival).

It was the first in what will hopefully be an annual series of MeCAFs, so the website is pretty much that of the organizers, Casablanca Comics of Portland. Fine con reports have gone up in the past few days from Heidi MacDonald, Alexander Danner, and Kean Soo. By all accounts, it was a fine/fun show, and Soo let slip a hint of his next project now that the Jellaby books are done: the adventures of a fact-checking octopus. This has got to be years from arrival in stores and I want to read it yesterday.

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