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It’s (Almost) All About The Comic Shop Today

I dropped into ye olde locale comicc shoppe yesterday and noticed a small item in the latest Comic Shop News; issue #1143 is their once-a-month listing of everything that’s due to hit the stores next month (that is, June). And in that set of listings (photo above), I noticed something. See it now?

  • Also found yesterday: the first Applegeeks book from Dark Horse was on offer, then in my bag, and eventually my home. It’s got to be the heaviest trade paperback yet made from a webcomic — really dense color on weighty paper stock … hefting this makes you feel like you’re reading something substantial.

    Then of course there’s the time scale — these strips date to 2003/2004, prompting one to remember that Ananth Panagariya and Mohammad Haque have been at this a loooong time … and succeeding (sometimes inadvertantly) since the beginning.

  • Also also to be found yesterday with a suitable webcomicky tie-in: Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1. Here’s the deal — I really don’t read superhero comics. There will be exceptions, naturally; Warren Ellis‘s name on the spine will always pique my interest, and I’ll buy just about anything by Amanda Conner because she’s a sweetheat and I adore her sense of character design.

    And Chris Eliopoulos, who may have cornered the market on getting corporate-owned characters to lighten the hell up and be funny. Case in point, L&TPA, which serves to get all the goofball animal characters in the Marvel continuity and send ’em off on an adventure. Even better, Karl Kerschl did the cover! If the Big Two made more comics like this, they’d get a lot more money from me.

  • I know that I shouldn’t have to ask, and forgive me for doing so, but I couldn’t live with myself if by some chance you had been missing out on this. Everbody is reading the collaborations from Laserpony Studios, right? Take one part Anthony and one part Emily, mix well, and let the magic happen.

I think you are missing some words/links in the 4th and 5th paragraphs.

Nope, too many words, since resolved. Thanks for the catch.

You’re missing a word between “don’t” and “superhero”. I mean, verb-wise.

Dammit, fixing the first problem introduced the second. Fixed. If anything else is screwed up, I’m just leaving it there.

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