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Kukuburi Day!

Also known as Happy Day, Awesome Day, and This Is Why I Have Internet Day. After six months, we get a lateral story jump to the fate of a hat, and a suspiciously-familiar giant. Even better is Ramón Pérez’s news on updates:

I found some folks were often confused with the two page updates on Tuesdays of days passed. So I’m going to try something different and spread the updates out over two days. So, for the foreseeable future (we’ll see how it works out) updates will be on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS with a page going live at 12:01 am on each day.

That said, this week, being that I’ve been away for a while, there is going to be a new page everyday this week till Friday! So please return tomorrow, Thursday and Friday for more kukuburi! [emphasis mine]

That sound you hear? Webcomics fans doing the happy dance. Speaking of long-absent webcomics, I’m probably the last person to point out that Platinum Grit updated, but to be perfectly honest I had to go re-read most of the previous chapters to remind myself what was going on. Gonna have to go buy the print version, oh darn.

  • So, Rupert Murdoch has decided the way to save his media properties is to declare the end of the internet as we know it. Specifically, he’s decided that micropayments are the new black. Given that there’s some experience over here vis-a-vis a content type that tried micropayments vs. giving stuff away, you’d think they might have enquired as to the viability of this plan. Should we tell him?
  • From Alexander Danner, a report on the Massachusetts Library Association’s annual conference week, with a final day full of panels specific to graphic novels & webcomics. I was going to point you to some excerpts from his con report, but it’s too good to chop down to a pull-quote. Lot of context, lot of good stuff about where the comics medium (in all its forms) is headed. Miss it at your peril.

panels specific to graphic novels & webcomics

Pun intended?

[…] it seems like just yesterday that Alexander Danner told us all about the Massachusetts Library Association’s conferen…, and the attendant graphic novelry thereunto? More on same from Raina Telgemeier, this time with a […]

Since I’m relatively new to the whole Internet marketing thing – is there any chance anyone can fill me in on why micropayments don’t work?

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