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Friday! Fridaaaaaay! Wooo!

Got my press credentials for San Diego Comic Con! I’m a real (fake) webcomics (hack pseduo-) journalist now. Also, a real boy, and a model for emulation. You doubt? I received this very day a LiveJournal posting that is just this side of Help us, Obi-Wan Garyobi, you’re our only hope. Yep, gonna be one a’ them days. Continuing the “wooo” theme, is there anything more “wooo” worthy than seventeenth century raps and/or freakouts? I say Booo! to the thought that there could be.

You know what? It’s the first sunny day after a solid week of rain and drear. Let’s finish this up quick.

  • New podcast for your listening pleasure, from the fertile minds of Jamie Noguchi, Marty Day, and Rosscott. I haven’t heard it yet (that dang job thing getting in the way again), but I note that the minds behind The Wonderful World of Webcomics have actually recorded four podcasts prior to this, their first release into the wild. Getting better at the podcasting skills, or merely building up a buffer? Either way, it bodes well for your listening pleasure.
  • Jimbo Hillin (and if you can’t trust a guy named Jimbo, who can yo trust”?) writes to tell us:

    The Visual Effects Webcomic, Wireheads, is coming up on it’s third anniversary, this May 15th. We just passed through the 300 comic mark last week. Also, we’re looking forward to unleashing the Zombie Bunnies on the hordes of unsuspecting comickites at Comic-Con again this Summer. Look for us on the back aisle of Small Press, table S-13 against the wall.

    I knew it! I wasn’t at SDCC last year, but I knew it was infested with zombies. All con-goers are advised to take prudent and adequate precautions against the walking dead.

  • Finally, new webcomic, presented here as an object lesson — if you draw and draw and draw, your art will improve. We see here the difference that less than two months of regular updates will make: at first, stick figures, getting more primitive by the day. Three dozen strips later, still not going to be mistaken for a member of the photorealism school, but definitely cartoony characters that belong to the creator rather than just anybody. Our collective hat off to Evan Diaz for sharing the progression with all of us. Also, something about those facial expressions I really like; there’s a real sense of manic energy there.
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