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Welcome Back, Didja Miss Me?

Oh man does it feel good to be back in the swing of things. A whole bunch of stuff went by in the past ten days that I’m never going to catch up on, so I’m declaring an Informational Amnesty and giving myself a pass. If you sent in email about something that happened in that timeframe, I’m very sorry that the moment has passed. From here, we look to … THE FUTURE.

[…] title=”that’s rough”>that’s rough * it’s good to see Gary Tyrrell blogging after a disruption caused by seeing to the care of injured family members. * here’s a photo of Tom […]

I remember Guigar’s traffic story, because he was on his way to Katsucon at the time. I saw him there not 20 minutes after he arrived, and he was none too pleased. At least he got a good comic out of it.

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