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Guest Column: Kate Beaton On Contests Abound

As hospital waiting rooms go, this one isn’t bad. Especially since my phone is picking up good signal and allowing me to post this column by professional Canadian and amateur internet sensation Kate Beaton. Hopefully all the formatting is good, but if there are problems, I’ll fix ’em as soon as I’m at a proper computer. That includes the awesome graphic Kate sent along which I cannot load now loaded!.

Hello citizens of Fleen! I am reporting to the newsdesk for duty while Gary puts his feet up. Yes yes is the camera on, how is my toupe, let’s roll.

I think it is the season for contests on the internet. Everywhere I go, someone asks, “Are you feeling lucky, punk?” but then if I am feeling lucky I have to make a skilled entry into the contest that is better than the other entries, and that is never going to work.

Did you see the winners posted for Dylan Meconis’ Bite Me photo challenge? They are all winners for Having The Most Fun! You may take this as a reminder to buy Dylan’s book, which just came out. I am going to fight someone to the front of the line for it next time I see her.

But there are other contests with no winners yet. This is important because that winner could be you.

First up: Jess Fink’s lovely and sexy (but unsafe for work, young sirs) comic Chester 5000XYV is holding a little thing called Win a date with Chester that I think, with the promise of “Receive tremendous boners!” is contest in which we all win. (We win boners).

Next: I am an enormous fan of Dean Trippe’s Project Rooftop, where people submit new costume ideas for well known superheroes, and the entries are judged by an extremely knowledgeable jury. The submissions are delightful and varied, and so much fun. If you missed it, they just opened a new contest, starring Wolverine. This makes me very happy! Wolverine is one of very few Canadian superheroes, and like all Canadians he can shoot knives from his fists. It was a thing we learned to do during the beaver hunts, and it helps in extracting maple sap from trees.

Also, as I am writing this in fact I just got an email from James Harvey about his Cats Wearing Hats Challenge. James must have been reading my mind, which is handy in this case but suspicious activity otherwise. If you haven’t seen his stuff, check it out! He is a crazy talent.

And don’t forget the contest over on The Princess Planet where you can be drawn into the strip as character that cavorts with princesses, unicorns, dragons and shoes! (scroll down for details)

very right Brian! I thought that contest had passed for some reason, how embarrassing!! :O

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