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Damn Slow Day, And It’s So Nice Outside … How ‘Bout A Quick Followup And We Call It A Week?

Re: the nascent web/print poo-fling in The Daily Cartoonist Ted Rall de-jobbed thread. When all present have a sense of humor about such things, truly inspired lunacy can result once it is realized that print/web are not nearly as important as the great controversies in life:

My vote’s for Kirk

That’s all very well, Peter, but you’re just closing your eyes to Picard’s superior business model.

Janeway! Janeway! Janeway! *grins, ducks and runs like the wind*

Clearly this Kirk, Picard, and, uh, Janeway argument is ridiculous … everyone knows Sisko was the dude!

Yeah, well I challenge Picard to show us his tax returns. The Borg don’t buy that many T-shirts.

Kirk got more ladies than Picard did. Maybe if Picard wasn’t so closed-minded, he could have picked up some tips from Kirk.
[emphasis to aid readability]

Well done, TDC commenters, well done.

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