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So a couple months back, a gent named Neil Cohn made an open call for people to participate in a survey of how people perceive visual language (via a bunch of Peanuts strips). The data are being used to further his research into visual language theory, and your help is once again requested:

This one consists of making judgements about various created comic strips, and takes roughly 20 minutes. Participation again enters you into a drawing for a $50 Gift Certificate to Best Buy (redeemable either online or in store).

The study can be found online here.


Department of Psychology
Tufts University

One of the things that’s generally prevented better models of webcomics success (popularity, business, etc.) is having enough data to make statistically valid conclusions. While Cohn isn’t addressing any of those things I just cited, any research into how comics work ought to be seen as in the interests of our community. Go, click, maybe win.

  • Also in the “maybe win” vein: Ryan Estrada is looking for reviews of his Zudaentry, and is not above a little incentivizing to get ’em. Review TKYDBHTM (either good or bad), post it, and link it here, and you’ll be automatically entered to win STUFF. As Fleen is nominally a news/information propogation vehicle, we do feel somewhat constrained by the occasional tug of journalistic ethics so we’re not entering … but if you’re a comics fan, get to it.

    Even if you aren’t after his stuff, Ryan would also like you to know that he’s re-launched his adventure video series, starting with death defiance in Africa. This is so exciting — I hope he makes it.

  • Speaking of Zuda, long-time readers may remember the review of Intergalactic Law than ran here a few years back, and may wish to know that a spinoff is also in competition at The Big Z with Intergalactic Law: Grey Squad. Even more, you may wish to know that your votes for IL:GS will benefit a good cause:

    Lisa Fary and John Dallaire, are devoting their latest comic effort, Intergalactic Law: Grey Squad, to raising money for Philadelphia’s Fraternal Order of Police survivors fund.

    For every vote and comment that Grey Squad earns, Fary and Dallaire will donate twenty-five cents to the Philadelphia police survivors fund. They know it doesn’t sound like much, but they are hoping to raise $1000 for the survivors fund.

  • Probably gone by now, but holy crap: Dresden Codak HOB hardcovers! This is just my impression, but given that the pre-order has nearly been filled (as of this writing) in less than 12 hours means that DC readers are in a state of excitement normally reserved for the author of this modern masterpiece of film critique (no pics, but still possibly not safe for your place of employment if the naughty words filters are up). Hurry if you want one.

We’re also holding a drawing for a limited edition (only 500 made) WETA Raygun as part of our promotional push for Intergalactic Law: Grey Squad on Zuda.

For full details, go to

Final week of the competition, folks! Get in there and get your shot at an ultra-cool and ultra-collectible ray gun!

Man, that was a good interview.

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