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Lotta Japan In This Post

Seriously, all the connections to the Land of the Rising Sun today are creeping me out.

  • F’rinstance, you got Shaenon Garrity slacking off on Lil’ Mell because she was doing stuff at the Ghibli Museum and hanging with Miyazaki-sensei. To quote Ms Garrity,

    Holy crud.

  • You also got news that probably the most important living creator of manga (and certainly one of the most prolific this side of Tezuka), Rumiko Takahashi, is going webcomic. Thanks to Gordon McAlpin for tipping us to the details:

    … a new manga series from legendary creator Rumiko Takahashi. The series, titled RIN-NE, will be launching simultaneously April 22nd exclusively in Japan in WEEKLY SHONEN SUNDAY magazine and online for North American audiences on, the brand new official North American web site for all Rumiko Takahashi-related news and information. Through this unprecedented collaboration, a new chapter of RIN-NE will be released each week for English-speaking manga fans to enjoy at the same time as their Japanese peers.

    Holy crud redux.

  • Okay, let’s make it a three-peat. Know who’s got a Japanese name? Tatsuya Ishida. Dunno if you’ve been following his saga of a devil girl questioning her choices in life, but it appears to be reaching a crescendo. Gotta say, this story’s really making me go awwwww.
  • Um … hey, look, new Dresden Codak! Starring a very young Kimiko! That’s a Japanese name, too.
  • Okay, I’m out of even tenuous connections to Japan … how about a really nice review of Bellen! to wrap things up?
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