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Quick Followups On Various Deals

Ready for various good news? I am!

  • Cat Garza has successfully intervened to get his art back under his control. A quick letter to the ISP of the page-rank manipulators has yielded positive results (a previous appeal directly to the malefactors having had no effect). Everybody be happy for Cat!
  • Tom Brazelton caught a raw deal last week when some total jerks hacked his site and added a bunch of boner-pill hidden links to his footer. As a result, Google suspended him from search results for 30 days, and though he cleaned up the tags, was not being listed in the search behemoth. A quick petition and personal appeal (so quick that I didn’t have time to include it here among other breaking news … I figured a giant corporation would have taken a bit longer to react and I’d be able to summon the appropriate amount of high dudgeon) have resulted in Theater Hopper once again reclaiming its rightful spot in Google’s results.

    Those of you with long memories will recall that last summer, Brazelton provided us with a teachable moment about making backups; now he’s given us another on making sure that your site is clean of unwanted visitors. His unluck is your wakeup call — everybody both feel good for Tom, and drop him a note thanking him if you find any nasties in your site code.

  • Hey, you know what’s due within the next week? Jellaby Know what else? Octopie 3, which has a book release party in two days, just in time for Stumptown this weekend. Hopefully, this will mean that a) my local comics shop will have Jellaby next Wednesday (if it gets released to bookstores first, I’m not above going to my local Borders), and Meredith Gran will have time to start sketchin’ and shippin’ when she gets home from Portland. Gonna be a good readin’ week.
  • Mike Rouse-Deane, indefatigable do-gooder of webcomickry, is deep into production of a new Tastefully Done calendar (I’ve seen the cover and can’t decide if it’s a beauty or mentally scarring — damn you, Krishna Sadasivam!). While I have some definite preferences as to who might be a good contributor to the project, I realize that my tastes do not reflect those of the internet as a whole — if you have suggestions as to who you’d like to see (or if you’d like to participate yourself), I’m sure that Rouse-Deane would love to hear about it. Comments are down thataway, peoples.
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