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To Have A Dog Is To Willingly Invite Sorrow Into Our Lives; Oh, That They Could Live As Long As We Do

When I get home and my faithful hound (she’s nearly 9 and is becoming a literal grey-hound) comes over to say hi, I’m going to look her in the eyes and whisper, “You’re going to break my heart some day.” Then she’s going to lick me because she thinks I taste like food, and she’s going to get a million skritches. All those of you with dogs in your life will hopefully do likewise. Requiscat in Pace, Kirby; our condolences to Scott & Angie Kurtz.

  • Okay, happy thoughts, happy thoughts — how about, new webcomic from some proven talents? What do you get when you combine an isolated orphanage deep in the Andes with a bunch of kids desperate to be elsewhere with new families? Judging from the launch strips of Snowflakes, the answer is “a laugh riot”. Tell me that the history of kid warfare tortures doesn’t make complete sense, I dare you. Snowflakes comes to you from Zach Weiner, Chris Jones (who previously collaborated on the now-concluded Captain Excelsior; Jones did Grumps and Weiner does Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal) and James Ashby. And it’s all-ages friendly!
  • You know what’s not all-ages friendly, generally speaking? Comics by Internet Jesus; case in point, the new-this-week Ignition City (which is where the space heroes of yesteryear go to drink and die) is full of colorful language and ray-gun evisceration. But the art is gorgeous and more than a little reminiscent of Kitty Hawk (which is somewhat more barnstormery, less spacey, and so far absolutely safe for work if a bit pulpy for the wee ones). If you like the one, try the other.

Time to go hug my dog. Have a good weekend, everybody.

Thanks Gary! I’m terrified that those videos still exist.



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