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Wednesdays Aren’t Usually This Weird

It was snowing, now it’s not and it’s gotten much warmer in the past hour. Wacky.

  • Eisners: One of these days, the committee will figure out what they mean by “Digital Comic”. Is it a comic that’s primarily produced digitally? That would be an awful lot of the total output of what we call “comics”. Is it designed to be seen (or seen first) in some digital medium? That might include episodic animations, story-based videogames, as well as various near-advertorial content (not that we’ve seen that before) Will there continue to be a “longform story only” requirement that has prevented so many really good journal-type (or random-topic’ed) comics from gaining consideration? Must it be “comic-booky” or can a more striplike endeavor find favor?

    In any event, the nominees for 2009 are reasonably solid, although I would naturally have nominated an almost completely different slate were I in charge of the world (and so would you, don’t deny it). For your consideration:

    Speaking solely for myself: go, Finder. And if the heavyweight interface at Shadowline makes you a sad panda, there’s a lighter-weight iteration (but still unfortunately slow; Carla Speed McNeill, I emailed you so we can continue that site-optimization conversation we had at NYCC!) at

    Meanwhile, David Malki !’s Wondermark reprint volume has been nominated in the Humor category (but the source material isn’t in the Digital category … answers on a postcard), so please send well-wishes towards Mr Dreamcrusher.

  • I was going to clear some stuff from the mailbag, but something else came up that I had to mention. Probably you’ve seen it and been appropriately appalled, but what the hell people? At the risk of declaring a Venn diagram to be wrong, this is why we need a long-range slapping device.

I’m particularly amused by that Venn Diagram link you included. The happiness/pants picture at the bottom of the page is priceless.

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