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Because It’s Freakin’ Beautiful, That’s Why

That grass looks like it came out of children’s storybook; Mike Krahulik has mentioned wanting to do a children’s book, and given what I’ve seen of the Penny Arcade’s attempts at kiddiebooks (and things that look like kiddiebooks), I’ll go out on a limb and say I’m ready to purchase that effort the day it’s published.

In other news:

  • Long before I met Dave Roman, I was captivated by one of his many projects — in this case, a collaboration with John Green called Teen Boat; after all, how many things combine the angst of being a teen with the thrill of being a boat? (By the way, a Teen Boat Safety Note: please do NOT go to teenboat-dot-com unless you seek to lose your employment) Anyhoo, the recent Teen Boat Dreamboat video has now gone high-quality, which you can enjoy over at the Vimeo site in all its musical glory.
  • Hey kids, do you like the originator of Estradarama (alternately, the theoretician behind Estradanomics), the globetrotting adventurer (and confessed Ryan) Ryan Estrada? And have you managed to work your way past the heavyweight (and frankly horrific) interface at Zuda? If you answered “Yes!” to both, you may be interested in Estrada’s contribution to this month’s Zuda-off, The Kind You Don’t Bring Home To Mother. This page is on record as not being thrilled with Zuda, but having previously read through TKYDBHTM, it’s a real kick and you will likely enjoy it.


Finally, a dip into the mailbag for an intriguing email. Y’all remember Ben Heaton? He did Terror Island with Lewis Powell for a couple of years, has been running Request Comics since, and is likely at least one of the official keepers of The Ham Project. Ben sent me an email, which I now share with you:

Remember when Randy Milholland asked Something Positive readers to match his yearly salary in donations, and they totally did? I’m going to see if Request Comics readers can pull that off too.

I’m unemployed, so the target value is $0.

If you want to support request-based photocomicry, come check out the donation drive here. Even if you donate nothing, that’ll go a long way toward my goal. Especially if you donate nothing.

I’d note that donation drives really only work once, so here’s hoping that Heaton gets his $0; if you’ve got nothing to donate, it’s hard to think of a better place to not give it than to him.

Thanks for the recommendation! Thanks to traffic from Fleen, I’ve received a full zero dollars since you posted this. That’s halfway to my goal for the month, and it’s barely been a week!

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