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Now With Extra Parasaurolophus!

Emerald City Comic Con runs this weekend, and about the time you read this everybody I know in webcomics (almost) (not really) is on their way there. According to various twitterings, most of them are either delayed until further notice or on the Turbulence Express from Hell, so be kind when you drop by to say howdy. Additionally, rumor has it that Aaron Diaz will have a pre-order going for the long-anticipated, limited-edition Hob hardcover. If you say hi, remind him that my name should be at the top of that list.

  • Small-Town (perhaps it should have been Tiny-Towne, or Sinkytowne?) is a little more crowded today, as Emily Horne & Joey Comeau are added to the lineup of talent. One night only in Brooklyn! Woo!
  • Happy Birthday! Josh Lesnick’s Girly has been running for six years (and considering it’s an offshoot of the earlier Cute Wendy, you could credit it with a bit more age still. By amazing coincidence, today’s strip is #665, which is an awful lot of sixes for a strip that just happens to be six.
  • Happy Birthday! David Willis has now been variously obsessed with toys, cartooning, Transformers, Transformers wiki, toys that transform from one shape to another, pie-throwing, and an awesome fiance (bonus points if you pronounce that word like Holly Hunter did in Raising Arizona) for 30 years. Congrats on living past your twenties David, and remember: it’s all a downhill slide into decrepitude and senescence from here. Have some cake to celebrate! Aw, heck … cake for everybody!
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