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NEWW Con Funk Firmly Lodged In My Lungs. Whee.

Let’s finish with NEWW™ first:

  • Remember those awards videos I told you about the other day? The ones hosted by Jeph Jacques? Now you can see them and judge for yourself why he needed a beer in hand to watch ’em.
  • Lots of good coverage of the weekend out there; I’ll particularly point you to Marshall Willenholly’s writeup at MTV Splash Page. The thing about Rick’s reportage is I didn’t remember half the stuff that happened when I was caught up in it instead of making notes. For example, the only thing I recall from the Webcomics Newlywed panel was saying:

    Should we use the classic Bob Eubanks question? Where’s the most interesting place that you’ve ever

    … before Holly Post interrupted with:

    My kids are sitting in the front row!

    (classic, but misquoted, answer: That’d be the butt, Bob.) But Marshall was paying attention and got some good detail, and is pushing a lot of good comics to the civilians that haven’t learned their way around our world. No pics of that panel, unfortunately, but others are below the cut.

  • Likewise, something I didn’t even notice missing from NEWW™ in all the business was the charity auction — half the money going to the Webcomics Kiva team, and half to rennovation of a local bike trail. Time and logistics kept it from occurring, but it’s coming online (watch this space for details).
  • Speaking of webcomics charity, the Karen Ellis benefit auction is now up and running. She’s got a place to live, a panic bag, and some flatpack furnishings, but the need is both great and ongoing.
  • Titans of Small Town: Hastings, North, Onstad, one night only in Brooklyn. Ticket information now up.

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