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NEWW Stories, For The Hip Dude And Lady

Rhetorical question: is there anything better than retiring to a bar which is installed in a series of tunnels made from massive hand-hewn granite blocks, sitting in a fine leather chair, and drinking scotch with a constantly-shifting parade of webcomickers and fans?

That was the scene in Northampton, MA last night, as the crowds of people with “Webcomics Weekend” stickers made their way from cafe to bar to comic shop to bar to diner to bar to bar to bar in the informal Pub Crawl event.

Creators noted in attendance so far include (and this is off the top of my head, and the hotel’s wireless is slow, so get your own links) Meredith Gran, Rich Stevens, Jeff Rowland, Jeph Jacques, Vincent LaBate (our able hosts for this weekend), Chris Yates, David Willis, KC Green, Spike, Sam Brown, Randy Milholland, Rene Engström, Dave Kellet, Brad Guigar, Scott Kurtz, Kris Straub, David Malki !, Bill Barnes, Gene Ambaum, Karl Kerschl, Ryan Sohmer, Rosscott, Magnolia Porter, Eric Burns-White (okay, he’s best known for Websnark, but he did The Adventures of Brigadier John Stark so I say he counts, dammit), Jeff Zugale, Andy Bell, Jon Rosenberg, Chris Hallbeck, Danielle Corsetto, Jorge Chan god I can’t believe I’m just now remembering Jorge and oh crap I’m forgetting so many T Campbell, Cameron Stewart, Sam Brown, Ryan North, Joey Comeau, Emily Horne, Steven Cloud, Braden Lamb, and I’m certain that I saw Rob DenBlyker too. Probably spoke to him, but crap if I can remember more than the outlines of what’s happened since I arrived yesterday afternoon.

So there you go — the greatest assemblage of webcomickers known to man and it isn’t even officially started yet. These people are my chosen tribe, and it’s still a little overwhelming.

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