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Seems Like We Talk About Cons A Lot Here Lately

Got a room in the San Diego Hotel Rodeo — yay, me. You are all totally invited to crash with me except for the part where you’re not. And New England Webcomics Weekend is getting actual print press today. Does this make it (dare I say it?) notable?

Onward. The North Carolina Web Comics Coffee Clatch get a fair amount of press here at Fleen because so many of their members do so many cool things. When they get together, they do even cooler things, like the themed anthologies. Yes, anthologies, plural, because their second effort is now up at Lulu, this time on the theme of fortune cookies.

This one features stories graphical and prose by NCWCCC members, cover blurbs by the likes of XX-man and Mr T, and a forward by a hack webcomics pseudo-journalist. Look for the official launch this weekend at the local library of Clatchers mckenzee and Jamie Robertson. Pick it up — apart from a wasted page and a half at the front, it looks really good.

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