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Just For Reference, You Probably Won’t Get A Very Good Post On Friday

… seeing as how I’ll be driving up to NEWW and all. But I’ll be droppin’ updates on you from the party fun times this weekend, so I imagine you’ll deal just fine. Since we’ve got a little bit of a breather before the chaotic awesomeness (chaosomeness?) hits, let’s catch up on the ol’ mail bag, shall we?

  • You all know Evan Dahm, right? Yay high, does Rice-Boy? Almost 500 pages of really dense narrative on duty, friendship, destiny, betrayal, the Campbellian hero’s journey and such, which wrapped up about a year ago? Thing is, Dahm hasn’t been idle in the meantime — he’s piled up nearly 250 pages of his follow-on project, Order of Tales, set in the same world. And he writes so that we may tell the world:

    I’m now in the ballpark of the three-year anniversary for my comics from the world called Overside, with Rice Boy finished and Order of Tales finally clearing the exposition phase, [and] a nice new book on the way. I hope I’m edging towards doing this professionally, and in the meantime I’m just drawing comics all the time.

    That book would be the first Order of Tales book, which is available for pre-order with free sketch included for a few more days. This is one of those webcomics that’s tremendously well-served by the leisurely pace of a book.

  • Hey, did you know that Kevin Moore, of Sheldon the Pig/Wanderlost fame, also does political comics? The idiocies of modern life are found by Moore to be In Contempt, and he’s also going to print now-ish:

    I have published a new collection of In Contempt strips through, called Hope, Change and All That Crap. The book collects strips from August 2007 through January 2009, [and] features an introduction by Ted Rall and a forward by Chris Baldwin.

    Rall’s been … unconvinced is probably the best word … about the viability of cartoons on the internet (and if we take him from the most generous POV possible, he’s particularly focused on editorial cartoons), so it will be interesting to see if a web implementation of editorial cartooning produces any heat. The usual difficulty in selling collections of any editorial cartoons probably applies — these panels are meant to be topical and up-to-the-minute, and the news cycles that spawned them are now past. But if this succeeds even modestly? Very interesting implications there.

psst… Gary, Evan Dahm is also a new recruit to the NCWCCC, joining Ms. Vernon and a certain Otter.

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