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Big Things A-Brewin’

If this were not so awesome, I might feel slightly put upon that I have to talk about Kate Beaton again for like the third day in a row. Awww, who am I kidding? I ♥ Kate Beaton, and soon I will have to ♥ Kate Beaton, published author:

I’ve been working on a book! You guys only asked for one a million times or so. Good news, it will go to the printers soon, and my guess is that we can expect it around May. Hooray! If I am wrong, Jeffrey‘s gonna give me the stink eye for making promises!

Now I want a t-shirt like her younger self wears that says BOAT! only mine will say BOOK!

  • New England Webcomics Weekend kicks off this weekend, and the schedule of events is up. Holy crap, you guys — screenings of MC Frontalot tour documentary film Nerdcore Rising! Charity auction! Panels! Webcomics Weekly live on stage! Gallery show! BOOZE!! [PDF]
  • A little bit down the road from New England Webcomics Weekend (about 4800 km and two weeks), Emerald City Comicon kicks offin Seattle, and if you fail to meet any webcomickers at NEWW, good chance you’ll see them in the Pacific Northwest.

    Alice Bentley (friend to webcomics everywhere, erstwhile Studio Foglio minion-at-large, and current grad student) has compiled a pert-near comprehensive list of webcomickers expected to make their way to the City by the Sound. Tell ’em I said hi.

  • Finally, J Baird of the Create a Comic Project reports some media appearances:

    Jami Lee Rosa of Carmine Magazine recently did an interview with me about the project. You can find it here.

    April’s issue of the Grand News Community Newspaper (published in New Haven, but no website, sadly) will feature a picture and “extended caption” about the 3rd annual Comic Making Tournament.

    Baird and the CCP do some good work — check out the interview, and if anybody in New Haven can grab/scan a copy of the magazine for the rest of us, that’d be cool.

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