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Busy Today — Busy, Busy!

I met Box Brown at SPX a couple years ago, just as Bellen was making a splash, but haven’t run into him (in person) since. I’m hoping to remedy that in the near future, but in the meantime, I can listen to him, as he’s been recorded for all & sundy to listen to as Air America’s first Unemployee of the Week at Break Room Live. Whatever your politics, you can’t beat listening to a webcomicker talk about comics, porn, and not going into the office.

In related news, Brown informs us that he’s been told that Diamond will not hold Xeric winners to their new order minimums, so you should be able to actually purchase Love Is A Peculiar Type of Thing in your friendly local comics shop this spring. Hooray!

  • It’s gonna be a busy, happy time in the Carly Monardo/Chris Hastings household in a couple weeks. Hastings has that big-ass show with Onstad and North on April 11th, and Monardo is going to be part of a group show at MyPlasticHeart in Manhattan, with the opening reception the night before. Contacted by Fleen to determine if she’s working in the toy medium, Monardo replied:

    I will be doing a digital illustration fine art print MASTERPIECE (I hope).

    We at Fleen are leaning towards “masterpiece”. The show is themed around the signs of the Chinese Zodiac, and Ms Monardo will be holding forth on The Rat. Look for awesome photos in the coming weeks.

  • Charity updates: Team Webcomics at Kiva has now lent nearly $20,000 damn US dollars, and I just got notice that the first repayment on one of my loans has come in. If you’re not part of the Team, I can now vouch that (at least in my experience) Kiva works as it claims to, which is pretty damn neat. And Kate Beaton reports that while eBay ganked her charity auction, she still managed to sell her piece for $450 for the Maritime Museum of British Columbia. Well done, Ms Beaton!
  • Oh, and speaking of well done Ms Beaton, should we mention that she’s a nominee for Best Emerging Talent in the prestigious Doug Wright Award for Canadian cartooning? Why, yes, I believe that we should. Doubly well done, Ms Beaton (and many thanks to Sebastien Brodeur-Girard for the link to the CBC story).

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