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I’m not sure what’s the biggest change for Hastings Kilgore — the lack of stress, the lack of insanity, the lack of blind bigotry. Whatever it is, I’m glad for him. I feel like I shouldn’t be, that it’s a betrayal of my cold, cynical view of humanity (or monsterity, if you prefer), but dagnabbit — I’m enjoying the Disney ending (plus poop).

Nice job, Paul Southworth. Now, let’s get this sumbitch printed up in color, shall we? That will allay my anxiousness as I await your next project (SasqWatch! SasqWatch! Please let it be SasqWatch!). And on that heartwarming note (literally — Paul’s got an actual heart warming on the stove right now) we’ll wrap this one up and wish everybody a good weekend. See (some of? many of? most of?) you next week at Eastworks.

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