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Things That Culminate In The Future

Holy crap, Kate Beaton original for sale to benefit a good cause!

I used to work at the Maritime Museum of British Columbia when I lived in Victoria. Like most museums, it is pretty underfunded and relies on the kindness of many volunteers and a dedicated staff to keep it running. I was always impressed by the hard work and generosity of everyone involved, and having worked in several museums I know it is the same story country wide. This is getting into the leanest part of the year for museums, before the summer traffic and after the winter doldrums. So, hopefully, I thought perhaps this could help.

Sexy Mermaids, y’all. As of this writing (with nearly six full days to go on the eBay auction), the only Kate Beaton drawing ever to be placed up for sale is going for US$450. Hey Kate please remember that I called dibs on E For Effort if it ever goes up for sale I totally did. As a side note, please direct your browsers to Beaton’s new site (with archive links!) at Hark! A Vagrant (

In other news:

  • NEWW shirts at the Octostore (no relation to the Octomom, I promise). Oh man, it will be so embarrasing if somebody else shows up at the Webcomics Weekend wearing the blue one the same day I do. Then again, what are the odds?
  • Speaking of NEWW: check the evidence at Jeph Jacques Twitpic collection. It looks like a revival film festival at the arthouse theater!
  • Speaking of art, new gallery show in the depths of Brooklyn, starring Ryan North, Chris Onstad, and Chris Hastings. Guys there is no part of that sentence that is not awesome. Titans of Small-Town will be presented by ROFLCon and Barbarian Group on Saturday, April 11 in the very hip Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. Details forthcoming, but for now we are be promised that the show will feature limited edition prints, original art, and a Q&A session with the artist dudes themselves.
  • Can webcomics and big-time publishers last in partnership? Joey Manley has some thoughts.
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