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10 March 2009

Human Resources Department,
Webcomics Readers Amalgamated
The Internet

For some time, Joey Comeau wrote bizarre cover letters to potential employers, posting them for all to enjoy under the heading Overqualified. This collection has now become the centerpiece of a novel told through job-application letters. Said novel is now available for your purchase and enjoyment.

Stand up for our country!,

Gary Tyrrell
Penthouse Suite,
The Fleenplex

PS: There is a new video lecture from Howard Tayler on the topics of talent, hard work, practice, and artistic success. Naturally, “luck” also comprises a major part of success, with handy object lesson in the form of audio engineers that completely bork the audiotrack of the lecture. It is a considerable lecture, split into four parts, and worthy of your consideration.

PPS: I am left with a question for your most kind consideration: Does anything mark you as a bigger jerk than wearing a monocle? Savannah & Georgia is a Southern gothic murder/mystery story in webcomic form (by Eliza Frye, creator of The Lady’s Murder and other comics) that has only just started, and I already hated the character of Grey from the moment he appeared on page 1. Subsequent appearances have not softened my opinion (and I must say, I dislike him more than just the monocle can explain), and I want bad things to happen to him.

PPPS: Allow me to close with one last thought, which I hope you will find worthwhile. Joseph Hewitt has lately informed me that Journey to Mt Moriah is celebrating three years of updates with a contest. All entries received in the month of March will be posted (along with links to the entrant’s own website, if desired), and three winners will be awarded an original watercolor illustration.



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