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Hey, have you been following the new series at Lore Sjöberg’s Bad Gods? Today’s installment of Forumville features rotating text in the first panel; so far, I’ve seen seven different setups, and it has an odd effect on the rhythm of the joke. I keep imagining that Splat returns time and time again to the conversation between At and Pipe and is disappointed every time.

Interestingly, it’s all a giant Easter Egg. On the Bad Gods site, there’s no notice of the changing text — if you didn’t happen to reload the page, you’d miss it entirely. Contacted for comment, Sjöberg told us that the text is selected randomly from a pool of:

[r]ight at this moment, thirty. [A new one is selected] every three minutes. I’m going to do another twenty over the course of today, and probably leave it at that for a total of fifty.

There goes my productive time today.

In less frustrating news, as long-time readers of this page will be aware, the road to webcomics success runs through me — not unlike how the road to the White House runs through Letterman. Thus, given my vast powers1, I declare today to be Kate Beaton Day in Webcomicstan. Check out some of her Conversations With My Younger Self strips, which have been remastered and posted in cleaned up form.

Then be sure to closely study her entirely true presentation of Darwin’s travails to get his theories accepted at the lastest Dark Horse Presents at MySpace. There’s also pieces there by some guys named Malki ! and Onstad; they look pretty okay.

Oooh! Oooh! Wild speculation! Dark Horse publishes Wondermark and Achewood books! Could a sufficiently big response to Beaton’s two pager prompt them in that direction with her? Tell all your friends about The Origin of Man now, because I want to do more than just send Beaton my undying affection for her work. I want to give her American cash money in exchange for a physical artifact that she can sketch in, and so should you.

1 A complete catalog of said powers would be revealed as nearly identical to those possessed by Wonderboy and Young Nastyman.

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