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Frickin’ Snow

Back hurting, but driveway clear. Short one today.

  • I don’t remember what directed me to TV Tropes on Saturday, but it chewed up half my damn weekend; you know how it is with wikis. Having grown beyond its original, televisual scope, TVT has a complete section on webcomics. And along with a proper respect for notability, TVT has a list (that looks fairly definitive) on long-running webcomics. I recommend it to you as a final settling on the question raised last July regarding How many webcomics have hit x strips? While there are probably webcomics that should be listed on the low end (1000+ strips) that aren’t, I don’t believe that any are missing on the 2000+ criteria.
  • Speaking of Archive Panics and Binges, there have been two independent recommendations sent to me regarding Out There in the past week, and seeing as how today’s a Snow Day, and I’m weak, I can now definitively state that considering the strip’s about an excessively-drinking narcissist, it’s oddly similar to early Doonesbury (say, circa ’72 to ’75. Sometimes it’s the character design (especially the eyes), and sometimes it’s the rhythm of the strip’s dialogue. Either way, nice job at channelling compulsive “next strip” clicks from RC Monroe.
  • Speaking of Out There, it’s among the webcomickry name-checked in the latest podcast from Cubertainment (thanks to alert reader “Dave” for the heads-up). The centerpiece of the podcast (which is nearly 90 minutes long) is an interview with Shane Johnson of My Life In A Cube. Dang it, Dave, I didn’t need another archive binge today.
  • And finally, speaking of catching up, I missed Tom Mason’s interview with Larry Latham last week, but it’s never too late to read it. Enjoy.

Well it’s missing Unshelved (at 2500 and counting), but I couldn’t figure out how to edit it after spending almost ten seconds on trying.

Since we passed the:

“One thousand updates” mark in the Daily Grind contest back in December and I usually do two pages per update, my calculations show I hit 2,000 pages two months ago. If I can figure out how to edit it, I’ll put Unshelved on their list, too.


Still counting, but I make it that Newshounds passed the 2000 mark in October ’05.

[…] way back when I thought the TV Tropes list of long-running webcomics was fairly complete? You people keep proving me wrong; this is good, as it will hopefully make for a more comprehensive […]

ToG’s coming up on 2000 strips done by me in April, I believe.

Arthur, King of Time and Space ought to be on the 1000 list, but I wasn’t going to say anything till November when it goes on the 2000 list.

I’m surprised, too, because someone at TVTropes really likes AKOTAS. Every month there’s at least one of the pages there amongst the AKOTAS top ten referral pages.

Took me awhile to notice this, but thanks for the plug, Gary; I’m glad to have wasted a part of your day. And thanks to whoever brought Out There to your attention.

I’ll be hitting strip No. 1000 on August 20.

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